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Propitious land


Propitious land : The movie !


My movie « Propitious land » is finally getting released ! (in French AND English version)

As my journey in Africa, this project was a very beautiful adventure, surrounded by a few periods of doubts, of questionning but especially of unforgettable meetings.

I extended my trip in the realisation but also in the duration of the movie. 52 minutes would not have been enough at all to sum up two years and a half of voyage and 130 hours of images. This is why it is a double DVD of around 1h30 each, the outward journey from Dunkirk to Cape Town by West and the return by east of the continent.

All of the voices OFF and IN were translated in English and recorded again. The version will be found in the menu.



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The motorcycle travels through the tracks, crosses the borders, gets stuck, furrows the grounds and records everything.

The BMW 1150 GS is the voracious eye of a journey of 88 000 kilometers ( 55 000 miles) in 45 countries.

At 41 years old, Luc Cotterelle leaves everything, job, home and relatives.

The world becomes senseless to him and the brutal but vital need of an « elsewhere » leads him to Africa, Propitous land !

He leaves on 15 February 2012 and gives himself six months to go galivanting, with a goal that remains, Cape Town.

From Dunkirk, by riding down by West to ride back up by East, he travels through the continent... His trip will last 2 years and a half.

The camera films the life, the ancestral rites, the initiatory celebrations, the bush.

Impossible tracks, craggy grounds where the machine sinks in, breaks.

The images shiver in the troubles as the motorcycle and the traveller are only one body put to the test of breakdowns, diseases, of lack of water and heat !

But always, within the obstacle, occurs the miracle, an old woman in the middle of the desert, a mechanic pastor...

The encounter of other beings in these unknown lands is providential !

For Luc, this african odyssey will be an initiatory trip.

Between ordeal and salvation, despair and hope, there is an internal adventure to share.




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